Assistant Principal

Meet our Assistant Principal, Stacy VanHercke!

Stacey VanHerkeHi, my name is Stacy VanHercke, and I am very excited to join the exemplary team at Cactus Valley Elementary and serve as your assistant principal. I have been in education for 30 years, doing what I love.
My first several years were spent teaching elementary and middle school, as well as being a K-8 academic coach. Ultimately, I grew into leadership and was a building administrator, Director of Academics and Instruction.
I have a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Diverse Learner. Throughout my educational journey my “why” has always remained the same. I love to support student success.
Other things I love are hiking with my dogs, riding horses with friends, traveling with my kids, and spending time as a family on the beautiful mountain trails.
Growing up in Colorado, I have always appreciated the great outdoors!  This is going to be a fantastic year. Together we will grow and achieve amazing things!

Stacy VanHercke
(970) 665-7515
[email protected]